Architectural Engineering Department

Initially, Architectural Engineering was offeredas an option within Civil Engineering Department. Later, in 1998, it was established as an independent department due to the increasing demand for architectural engineers. The department of Architectural Engineering has specific features comparing with other departments. The essential requirement from students to join this department is the aptitude and the talent to learn and the capability to work with vision and creativity. Based on that, it should observed that the number of enrolled students annually is much less than that for other department. However, the planned number graduated architectural engineers is according to the actual needs of different specialized establishments and institutions. The Department of Architectural Engineering is given the flexibility to design the teaching curriculum to meet the mentioned requirements. The emphasis is made on architectural and working design and planning courses, which are implemented ina regular manner by the active participation of the students and the supervision of the lecturer. This approach gives the student the required background and makes him more efficient in tackling real life problems. A due importance is given to the cultural and artistic aspects of architecture.

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