Marine Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering and University of Aden seek to meet the currently identified need for graduates in the field of Marine Engineering. This department is intended to be designed for students looking for professional qualification founded on international standards, to enable them to seek employment in the world’s shipping and transportation industries. The proposed Marine Engineering Curriculum and corresponding study plans have to be designed to allow enrolment by interested peoples, professionals workers from the marine sectors either civil or military, from the neighbouring countries and from throughout the world because the Curriculum is designed to be certified by International Maritime Organisation IMO and STCW requirements. This identification of the proposed program has been done with reference to the country’s development strategies and long–term economy policy so that when completed it fits wellint o the total economic system or development networks, capable of being fully utilized. This department will serve the economical and social need of the country in general and the society around in particular for a long time to come.

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